SPROJ Documentation

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A collaborative platform allowing teams to seamlessly view and manage raw data all in one click.





Enter your domain when requested.


After inputting your domain > enter your email address



Select project(s) required


Once you click on next > The Scrum companion page is displayed


 Actions displayed will be Extract, Visualize, Clone and Migrate


 The SCRUM Companion page also displays Projects, Releases, Filters and Sprint (Coming soon) icons on the landing page



Available Projects





Click on project required



 After clicking on the required (Available Projects) project> Then click on extract


 The projects chosen can be visualized by clicking on Visualize icon.


Visualize page will display the projects using pictorial representation and in a listing format also


 The chosen project(s) can be cloned by clicking on the Clone icon.


 Click on the Migrate icon to migrate projects


 After clicking on the Migrate icon > provide an email address on request.


 After inputting email address> enter API Key


 Click on the start migrate button to start migrating project(s)




Available Releases






 Click on the Releases icon



Choose available releases displayed on the left-hand side> click on Extract


List of different titles and count will be displayed for the release (version) chosen


The Extract page (cont.) for the available release selected


Click on Visualize to see a pictorial representation and a list of status and count for the available releases



 Available Filters




 Click on available filter on the left-hand side of the page


After clicking on available filters> click on extract


 Click on the visualize icon to see a pictorial representation of the release, displaying a list of status and count